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Do you know which is the most dangerous animal of the world?

Each year 10 people die because of a shark attack.
And 725.000 because of mosquito bite.*
* - World´s Deadliest Animals

Swim safe and sound. Download Mosqui-STOP
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A safe and clean method

Are you sick of sprays and mosquito nets? It comes the easiest and most ecologic way to get rid of annoying mosquitoes.
The anti-mosquito of XXI century is called Mosqui-Stop and it activates on your mobile phone

It is effective against all types of mosquito

It keeps away any type of mosquito over 2 meters, even tiger mosquitoes!

Imperceptible ultrasound

Mosqui-STOP makes a sound that acts on female mosquitoes. It can’t be heard and it does not harm humans.

Download it for free

Mosqui-STOP is available for any device, IOS and Android.

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If you are scared in this summer it’s because you want!